Why HCSD ?

HCSD's involvement with Voice over IP (VoIP) internet telephone systems go back to 2007. During that time, we have kept at the cutting edge by building, programming, and using Asterisk PBX systems.

We have watched, and marvelled, as Asterisk has matured to become a viable, and reliable commercial product.

We no longer build systems, but rely on a hosted "cloud" system which gives better integrity and security.

We will endeavour to program the system to YOUR requirements, rather than "One system fits all". The programming is done remotely over the internet.

We have have partnered with Yes Telco Australia as a Platinum Partner. We will be your first point of call for support, programming, and maintenance. The system we use is cloud-based, and extremely well secured against hackers. (Yes, they do exist in VOIP systems ! )

We will work with you until you are satisfied with your system, and then we will provide ongoing support for any changes you may wish to make along the way.