Critical Information Summary - Page 1

Description of the Service
Calls made using the service are connected using an Internet service connection rather than the copper phone lines of a Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) that a regular landline uses. This is called Voice over IP or VoIP.

If you are using a "Voicebox" from Faktortel, it allows 1 concurrent call inbound or outbound to the public phone network.

If you are using a Hosted PBX solution, the number of concurrent calls is determined by the number of lines. (Calls between extensions are not counted.)

Extensions do not have to be in the same premises, or even the same town. They just have to be able to connect to broadband/NBN internet.
Minimum Term as selected when ordering
The service is on a month-by-month basis, and may be cancelled at any time. With no cancellation, the service continues on a month to month basis. If a voicebox is leased, it is on a minimum 6-month contract, and must either be returned or purchased outright.
Further Information
Further Critical Information is available from Faktortel Website